Homework: Separation of Church and State

When confronted with a constituent, what should elected officials do? Regardless of what the confrontation is about, what should their reactions be? Listen? Deny? These are just a few questions we should be asking ourselves when talking about the separation of church and state. From our founding fathers perspective, this was something that needed to be taken seriously.

There should not be, in any way, shape, or form an adopted religion that all members of the United States. But in all reality, what kind of government is being affected by the church? We see it on our money and we see it in monuments and murals. We say it in our pledge and its on various public spots.

Why would having these things, including prayers (of any religion or non religion) be included in our government? Reasoning should be the only factor that one should use to decide whether or not new legislation or enforcing what is currently in place is the correct way to go. This allows reasoning, rather than singling out others who do not have the same views.


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