Class Notes: 4/18/17

Have an outspoken atheist person who helps lobby across the state

Going to watch a video to start off

“An atheist is someone who does not believe in God”

Does not have enough proof to suggest that there is a God.

Says he is pissed off because he feels his group is treated just like LGBT community and muslims.

“I’m all for religious freedom”

April 3rd, 2017 – Mayor decided to say a prayer before the meeting

Supreme Court ruled that they can have a prayer

His beef is that the prayer is always christian and the mayor always hogs that time

He does not stand for the pledge of allegiance

Now in City Council meeting – walked right up to the podium when asked if there were any public comments.

Says he heard about christian prayers before the meeting starts.

“I would request equal treatment for atheists in this city”

Apparently he showed up to last nights city council meeting suggesting he’d sue about this?

“I suppose you could say your own quiet thing you want” – mayor in response to allowing people of the non theistic people’s prayers before the meetings?

“At this representation, no representation outside of your view?” – dude in class questioning the mayor

Says that 1 out of 3 millennials are not religious. Guest speaker sitting on the council. Says that 1 out of 3 do not belong to an organized church…?

Talks about invocations – basically a hey let’s use reason today and use the current law have a good day – not worshiping something or seeking guidance from a “greater being”

Timi Brown-? —- sponsored him and his prayer?

Justin Scott Atheist Iowa

Separate city council meeting – this one has Quentin Hart the mayor – Justin says atheist prayer at the meeting

This prayer is taking a lot of time… at least in comparison to the other theist speech by mayor in earlier video

now on to the video ——–

McCollum v. Board of Education

McCollum sued state for the teaching of religion in public schools.

1951? Champagne, Illinois

“You cannot bring God into the public school”



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