Class Notes 4/4/17

Black hawk county jail
Sheriff tony thompson 8 years
240 or so inmates
Population that size not a lot of tours or access
Who you know not what you know to do something like this
Direct supervision jail in a pod with 50 inmates and one jailer locked in with them
4th largest jail in iowa built in 96
Average stay length 90 days cannot exceed one year misdemeanor chargers
Over one year go to prison
Murder rape assault most inmates here
Forcebly felony 1/3rd of population here
90 day average stay is now 4-5 months
Graduated from uni with com
Taught at uni 8 years criminology
Dont get a lot off access to the sheriff normally
Ran unopposed last election
517 house file stand your ground bill hes not introduced or not worried about
More worried about some certain court cases where people can take guns into court big problem?
Castle dkctrine – you can shoot someone who is there unlawfully
Arguement is this can go anywhere thus stand your ground
Stand your ground gives bad people a reason to shoot more/excuse
Concern is people carrying guns in courthouse
Pre 2011 sheriffs can meet with you and decide if you can get gun or permits and what not this changed because a few sheriffs having certain biases
He wears a body cam
98% of the time validates what police say
All officers are on duty they wear them
Field deputies and jailers wear them
130 cameras around facilities
80% of crime in black hawk county is substance related legal and illegal
92 deputies working under him
140 total staff
15 million budget
“We need information out there” talking about being good to the press and maintaining relationships
“Transparency buys me credibility”
“They learned dont fuck with tony” talking about cops doing stupid stuff to not or theyll get fired


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