Class Notes 3/28/17

Anelia asked what it feels like every time she talks about Mark

Says her eldest son came home and was worried about her. Said she is speaking publically about Mark.

“How will you ever heal completely if you keep opening that wound? – eldest son says

“It is helping other people” “I don’t want any other mother or father sitting in our shoes one day”

She is appreciative that our generation is very open to people with mental illness

Hearing back from various families about them getting help is satisfying.

Anelia – the day your world changed

june 24, 2009

“I could not be home alone with Mark”

It was too dangerous to be alone

Go out and pick up sticks… Mark was released from mental health unit on a Wednesday not Friday so had to deal with that.

A lot of talk about “Commie” government

“Didn’t you hear?” maybe it was a heart attack that killed ed thomas? he often asked for prayers for his heart?

Ed Thomas would ask family after every sunday school and ask mark was and prayed with them.

“I’ve heard coach thomas has been shot” “Yes Coach Thomas is dead”

Neighbor told them

he believed god was telling him to kill ed thomas his mom and father because he was poison ing the minds of the children in the community

They knew he was insane. But Iowa courts doesn’t work like that . Might have given him less years, went to mental health unit came out in 20 years and live the rest of his life instead of life.

“If Iowa had something like that, then a jury could wrap their minds around that”

“I just saw mark for the first time last week” ????

He is in general population but is doing “good”

He started with 4 medications and is now down to 1

He said a psychologists book about paranoid ski… admitted he had an illness in his brain

Can email him whenever they want and feel blessed when they can see him. Helps them get use to the system.

he works full time. encourages them to continue medication after they get out and keep seeing their doctor.

He was under suicide watch for a long time.

“It was so incredibly real that day”

She doesn’t know the answer what happened that day…. what intervened to make him do it?

“he is such a gentle soul” she said in response to Meredith asking if Mark has had these thoughts before

Would say ed thomas was sending “goons” to get him and felt that he had to talk sense in to them thats what he would say

threatened himself a lot but not others

When did you notice a shift in his behavior? – she journaled about her three boys but when she went back they noticed different episodes

noticed when he was around 16 – when he got caught with marijuana.

After being a leader amongst his peers… “why would did you do this?” talking about marijuana

“We should have set up family and individual counseling to find out the bottom of this”

This is when the voices started taking over more

“The voices have always been there… and they scared me”. he always wanted to sleep with mom and dad because he was scared. she feels bad for putting him to bed and not knowing.

he didn’t know what to say as a kid to tell his parents he heard the voices.

“I didn’t want to be crazy” he said he didn’t want to admit he was hearing voices when he was 16.

Mark graduated high school just fine. he enrolled and dropped out of college 3 time. very excited every time. then mid to late semester you begin to see his decline.

what’s going on here?

He took heavy drugs to get rid of the issues but it didn’t work and it clouded the doctors from making a proper decision/diagnosis. did that for about 4 years.

he moved 12 times and had 11 different jobs. came back home when things got too bad. every 9 months or so.

There was no diagnosis up until he went to prison and was able to get help by their psychiatrist. he was having horrific psychotic episodes.

“He’s so physical when he’d have those episode” “he was a loose cannon. you didn’t know what he was going to do to you or someone else”.

She wishes she would have gone to these hospitals in person because some places were hiding behind the HIPA laws and she just wanted them to listen to their side of the story.

“What is it going to take to get our son the help that he desperately needs” – it shouldn’t of taken prison for her son to get the help he needs. This is why she speaks. There is so much to do.

“Grueling” when asked what is like sitting in the court room. She was shocked about the half truths that were being shared. They just didn’t share the whole truth. It was really hard to see something like that happen.

had to go to sheriffs office

her husband

youngest son

youngest son 7 years younger than Mark

questioned individually – young son prayed for parents out loud

went home and left town

stayed with family that night wouldn’t allow them to watch tv

only thing they saw was ed thomas son Aaron’s speech asking to not blame becker family

church members guarded house and didn’t let the media come close to them

She has forgiven everyone in this situation. thomas family will do that on their own time and that’s okay.

he would see slinky shapes outside in the trees. scared of beers coming out of tv couldn’t watch tv. no radio because of the “subliminal messages”. scared of things getting him while he slept so  she as well as husband had to be awake when he was. he refused to sleep downstairs.


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