Class Notes 2/28/17

Watching video – Spotlight

Boston Globe meeting

This video is about uncovering some judicail or priest sexual stuff.. Couldn’t understand at first. Will find out

Meeting saying goodbye from Boston Globe

“What the hell do you know” – Michael Keaton character – Robby?

News offices – conversation – talk of others leaving newspapers for other ones or cutting journalists by 15%.

Boston Globe sold to New York Times?

Robby –

Spoghtlight – four piece investigative team reports to one man do not publish work. Work on pieces for months.

“Internet is cutting into the classifiedes”

“So you anticipate more cuts” –  Robby

“I think we can do better” – Marty Baron?

All of them sitting in meeting room talking through daily briefing? Next day after Robby and Marty’s

Mr. Guaratene – can prove the cardinal knew about priest(s) who molested at least 8 kids?

Everyone except Marty thinks making the church release documents proving the sexual misconduct. Fear the people will not be okay with their paper anymore? Won’t buy?

“The Role of The Outsider” – Anelia wants us to focus on this and the power it can bring.

Robby brings up dropping their current Spotlight case for this “Cardinal Law” case Baron wants them to pick up on and investigate.

“there’s gonna be a story” – Female reporters husband? Reporter is on the Spotlight team?

“53% of our subscriber base are catholic” – owner of the paper?

“These are shitty cases” – business man they visit in the city? Lawyer?

“Have you met Mitch Garabedean?” – papers lawyer? – as in he’s a hard ass

Garabedean is now being questioned by reporter and he doesn’t want to talk. Keeps wanting the reporter to go away. “I can’t talk to you right now” – G says.

Cardinal Bernard Law? – this the guy who did it?

= use our resources, they are searching their own papers about all this adding up over time. this would not of happened without the outsider pushing this

“Knowledge is one thing, but faith… faith is another” – Cardinal Bernard Law? or the priest who did the crime?

Marty Baron – new owner of paper? – sitting and talking with the cardinal? Cardinal law?

Man in office talking about his organization of past children who were molested by priests? He talks about cardinals or priests making kids feel like they have to listen to them about bad things to them to do. It’s not just a physical thing but a “spiritual” thing. – Phil

phil sent this to the Globe “years ago” and some one said they don’t want it. Didn’t share the name. Pissed they didn’t go deeper into this 5 years ago when he sent a box full of information to them.

Reporter is still trying to get the lawyer to give him information about the church. He will not budge.

Reporter mentions that “Spotlight” is investigating this and now the lawyer tells him to come back tomorrow morning for a meeting.

Lawyer, client, source all meeting. Sits there and says he doesn’t have to continue if he doesn’t want to.

He relates to the guy right away by asking him where he is from.

Guy says he was 12 and dad killed him self and mom was nuts when all this stuff happened.

Gay guy girl is investigating/questioning says priest knew he was gay but he wasn’t sharing that info at that time. Says priest tells him they need to play strip poker and lost.

“People need to actually know what happened” – Girl reports on this.

“He offers to take me to get ice cream” – guy journalists interview

“His hand slides up and grabs my dick and I just froze up petrified” – “I never even ate my ice cream, it just melted down my arm”.

“You can use my name” – lawyer client

“Thanks Patrick” – guy reporter

“Don’t thank me just get these Assholes” – lawyer client




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