Class Notes: 2/14/17

Media tells people what is good coverage/what is not

The norm in DC has been turned upside down

Question of press confrences – calling on the “smaller guys” in the back. More local stations – not really calling on the bigger stations like normal.

Handpicking reporters going to call on from the audience – complaints – truth is presidents do that all the same.

The real trick is to not “bitch and complain” rather find a way to adapt.

National medias are complaining about this whereas the smaller stations are not as much.

The internet is also “shaking up” everything. A lot of smaller papers went under because they did not move with the times.

Local stuff – getting the correct info out there

Policy needs to be front in center

Collective Bargaining = big deal in news

People comment bad things on the stories KWWL post.

Has to be careful with personal comments on Facebook so it doesn’t look bad on himself and KWWL.

You have to have a balance of things – keep the variety going

Video Now:

Ron Steele – Victim identified

Taylor Bailey – Reporter goes up to house you can see blood, gun shots, ski mask.

Not going to go into a crime scene… waited for the crime scene tape to be gone.

If you show the pics of the bullet holes owners of house could come back and charge you with trespassing. They stood far away and zoomed in just to be safe.

As Journalists… you represent the people

Sheriff… represents the government

Want t0 get everything done and over with ASAP.

Slide Show:

RTDNA Code of Ethics

Journalists accepts responsibility, articulates its reasons and opens its processes to public scrutiny

Journalism provides enormous benefits to self governing societies. In the process, it

The right to broadcast/publish doesn’t mean you always have to do it. Shying away from difficult cases is not necessarily more ethical than taking on the challenge of reporting them


Email outrage


“Be suspect” Never believe what someone just told you – always assume its a lie until you have proof otherwise

Brief summary of this and print out Supreme Court decision – check sent stuff in email.


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