Homework: Eramo vs. Rolling Stone Complaint

How to turn a court decision into a news story: Have a headline, lead, sources, language, specific length. This changes depending on the story but quotes should be a major part of your story. Be authentic and original with your writing.

“This defamation action arises out of the publication of the false and later discredited article in Rolling Stone magazine entitled,A Rape on Campus:A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA (hereinafter, Rape on Campus or the article ).
Rolling Stones Contributing Editor, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, wrote the article, which caused a national media firestorm and has been viewed online more than 2.7 million times” – Nature of Case – Complaint
The article talks of the extremely graphic language and information that was shared with the Rolling Stones journalist.
More information about Nicole Eramo and those who met with her and went through the regular processes. The question about what was or was not done arises. Giving Eramo a bad name or in other worlds “defamed”. This is why this is a defamation suit – much like the Burke Ramsey Case… except it’s murder against rape allegations.
Erdely pushed the idea of truths, false truths, and even half truths and that is one of the reasons why
November 26, 2014 –  Rolling Stone finally forced to admit to fault of this caliber.
This case was eventually exposed a hoax and this does not help Rolling Stones or Erdely’s case when it comes to non intentional defamation – regardless – get in trouble for having over 2 million people reading article – going to get in trouble.
Rolling Stone is an LLC or a limited liability company – question is, will this affect their information that they share… being an LLC?
Rolling Stone regularly solicits businesses who advertise in their magazine. This is completed by sales – was this done just for magazine sales?
2010 Eramo became Associate Dean of Students
Police also found that there was no evidence of Jackie’s claim of being attacked with a bottle.
Police found no evidence that two other girls had been assaulted at the Phi Psi house in 2010 and 2014
Erdely also never communicated with the friends who Jackie said didn’t want to talk with her about what happened. This was a lie.




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