Book Summary: Chapter 10

Let’s face it. Social media is running so much of our life that we have almost become desensitized. More and more every day news is being shared by anyone and everyone. The only problem is, how vetted and trustworthy are the sources sharing this information. Chapter 10, dives deeper into electronic media and the effects on journalism and law.

“The First Amendment rights of broadcasters are not equal to those enjoyed by the print media. Spectrum scarcity limits broadcasting to a select few who obtain Federal Communication Commission (FCC) licenses. Courts say this justifies limiting broadcasters’ free speech rights. Courts also point to broadcasting’s pervasiveness and impact on audiences, particularly children. The FCC regulates broadcasting to ensure it operates in the public interest, but the FCC is not allowed to censor broadcasting content” – Chapter Overview

The FCC has a lot of requirements that is place on electronic media, and this can be for the better. For instance, the FCC requires there there is at least three hours a week of children’s related broadcasting on television stations. This is to help promote intellectual/cognitive social/emotional needs.

“Cable television law is complex due to bifurcated jurisdiction. Congress has adopted three major laws affecting cable television. In addition, franchising authorities may adopt cable laws. The franchising process involves difficult negotiations between a cable system operator and a franchising authority. Then cable television is subject to certain content regulation, such as must- carry and re-transmission consent rules, and non-duplication rules. Students need to understand why courts consider these content-neutral regulations and thus apply intermediate scrutiny in examining these regulations” – Chapter Overview

There are plenty of laws that producers must follow, especially on cable television. Each program must follow re-transmission consent rules and non-duplication rules. This will help people stay up to date and have the proper information – not something that has just be completely fabricated.



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