Homework: Getting to Know Judge Staudt

Getting to know your local legal system is something everyone should do. In an effort to promote this behavior, let’s dive a little deeper into one of our very own. Judge David Staudt, graduate of the University of Iowa and Drake University, is your Iowa District 1B District Judge.

In September of 2010, Governor Chet Culver appointed David Staudt to succeed Jon C. Fister in the District 1B Court. Prior to joining the court, Staudt served as the Chief Public Defender in the Waterloo Office for the Iowa State Public Defender. “After graduating from law school, he worked in private practice until 1997. That year he first became a public defender and continued in that office, working up from Assistant to Chief Public Defender.” stated the Ballotpedia website.

If you are unfamiliar with how the court system is structured here in Iowa, this is the place for you to learn. There are various levels and each works as a hierarchy as to what cases they can and cannot hear. The different courts are the Magistrates, Assistant District Court, District Court, Court of Appeals, State of Iowa Supreme Court. Judge David Staudt works in the district court and can hear anything that the Assistant District Court and Magistrates can hear.

Some of the types of cases that get up to a district court are feuds of $10,000 or more, divorces, civil cases like car accidents, contract problems, felony’s, and criminal cases. Something to remember though, is bankruptcies are not heard by a state level judge. You can only be heard by a federal judge because of the severity of the situation.

To become a district judge, you have to go through an election process. The interesting part is, once you are in – you are not guaranteed to be re-elected. Judge David Staudt, was re-elected after his last term in 2012 with 78.06% of the vote. His tenure will be from 2010 to 2018, time is closing in on that date!

Regardless of what you need from the courts, there will be a place for you. Whether you need help with a simple misdemeanor or settling a civil case, you will be able to have a fair and balanced trial and/or hearing with a great legal team here in the great state of Iowa. Judge David Staudt is a man who is passionate about what he does and will continue to fight for justice for all whom deserve it.


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