Homework: Ductaped and Afraid, Kehoe Son Shares His Frightful Night

October 26th will forever go down as Sean Kole’s worst day of his life. Sean, who is 7, experienced his accused mother attempting to kill him right after she killed her 2-year-old son by slitting his throat with a hunting knife. The same day as the arrest, Michelle Kehoe, attempted to commit suicide before the police could make the arrest.

The day after the arrest, both Michelle and Sean were in the court room in front of our Iowa Assistant Attorney General facing questions of what exactly happened the night before. Michelle, a resident of Littleton, Iowa inside of Buchanan County is now facing a life sentence without parole. During the hearing, for which Kehoe was present, there was a certain mood amongst the court room that some may have called puzzling.

Looking down at the ground for the entire duration of her son’s testimony, you did not see any variation of facial movement other than a large frown coming from Kehoe’s face. As the prosecutors brought little Sean to the witness stand, you could feel a sense of confusion and fright coming from his statements. The Assistant Attorney General, Andy Prosser, began to ask little Sean questions about the night before that sung the true terrors of what happened to him and his brother.

As Sean began, his mother sunk lower in her chair and kept the same frown on her face until Prosser asked Sean if his mother hurt him anymore past what his injuries currently are. He simply answered, “No”. Almost simultaneously, Kehoe shook her head, no, in agreeance with what Sean was saying after the Prosser asked the question. This lead him into further questioning about the events that happened during that night.

Prosser asked Sean if his mother had covered his eyes or restrained him in any way shape or form. Sean stated that his mother had put duct tape over his face during this heinous crime. Wanting to make the record straight, Prosser asked if there were multiple pieces of tape over Sean’s face or just one piece. Sean said there were a lot of pieces. Some of which were on his eyes and even covering his mouth.

When Sean was finally able to take the tape off of his face, he looked over to see something most of us would never hope to see in our life time. Sean described it as his mom, “hurting my baby brother” in a way that we could only assume would be horrifying to watch. From there, Sean was able to escape his mother’s watch and run to their family van where he locked himself in for the duration of the night.

“I just hopped in the van and locked the doors” little Sean said to Prosser. Questions of where exactly the keys to the van were at are not really clear because Sean began to answer Prosser’s questions by nodding and using other non-verbal gestures. A follow up question after Prosser asked Sean to start telling him with words how things happened really opened the eyes of the entire situation.

“Did mom hurt herself?” Prosser questioned hoping to receive a response worthy of an actual verbal quote. “She did” answered Sean.  “Do you know how she hurt herself” Prosser continued. “I don’t know” replied Sean. The questions about Sean’s mother continued when Prosser asked If Kehoe was bleeding. “Yeah” replied Sean in a small and quiet voice that stopped the Assistant Attorney General in his tracks.

After this questioning, Prosser explained that the county’s Sheriff department will be here soon to pick Sean up and take care of him. Prosser said, “They’ll be here to help you too when you get your throat fixed up. The most reassurance that little Sean would be hearing that day was that the Assistant Attorney General said, “I’ll stay with ya” until the police come to keep him safe.

More information to come as this case continues on with the reasoning behind these insidious acts evolve and come forth to the public eye. For more information regarding this case, or if you or someone you know has any information that would be useful to the police department or Sean, the sheriff has asked that you contact the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office with that information as soon as possible.



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