Homework: JonBenet Ramsey Case Alive and Defamation to Blame?

Defamation suit being brought against the CBS Corporation by Burke Ramsey, brother of JonBenet Ramsey, infamous murder mystery from late 90’s. The suit came after the airing of a four hour long documentary, “The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey”, which suggested that Burke either was the murderer of his sister or had a key role in her death. A brief reminder of the case of JonBenet and her mysterious death that was never solved are as follows:

At 5:22 am on December 26th, 1996, the Boulder police department received a 911 phone call from a very distraught woman. This woman on the phone appeared to be the mother of JonBenet, Patsy Ramsey. “Please! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!” cried Patsy as she told the 911 operator what appears to have been a kidnapping of her daughter. After the police arrived on the scene they noticed a variety of things that led them to question who could have committed such a crime to the Ramsey family, especially 9-year-old JonBenet.

After reviewing the three-page ransom note, more questions were raised as to whom exactly might have taken JonBenet and their reasoning behind doing such a heinous crime. That’s when it all happened. Family friends had come to the home to visit with the parents and after the friend and father’s discovery in the basement of the body of JonBenet wrapped in sheets, John Ramsey (the father) carried his daughter and laid her down on the floor when they made it to the first floor of the home. JonBenet’s body was then moved to another location to remove her from the hustle of the investigation.

After reviewing the documentary that CBS aired, one would be able to see why Burke Ramsey is suing for defamation claims. It is with all intent of this reporter to refrain from being biased of either side of the suits claims or allegations. With this in mind, it is important to the reader to understand what the CBS Corporation filmed and aired on their station as well as posted to their website and various other social media platforms. These claims and/or suggestions were taken straight from the documentary… These are their findings.

The 911 call to the Boulder Police Department was made on the night of the claimed disappearance of JonBenet. A hysterical mother on one end of the line; and a trained 911 operator on the other. “A note was left on our daughter’s door” Patsy, the mother, cried as the operator tried to gain as much information about the situation while she was sending an officer to visit the home. After Patsy told the operator to hurry, there was around six seconds of non-direct talking into the phone even after the operator shouted out after Patsy to stay on the line and talk with her until the officer arrived.

After further analyses of the tape in the original courtroom in the 90s, there was a large question as to what, if anything, was said during those six seconds from Patsy’s side of the line. What CBS found during their making of the documentary, was what most would consider shocking. After editing the audio so much so that the six seconds of inaudible words could be hear you can “distinctly” hear three different voices talking about something. During CBS’s investigation of the tape, they discovered that one can hear what apparently sounds like John Ramsey’s voice clearly saying, “We’re not speaking to you”. After that, you can hear a softer voice but what was found was interesting, to say the least.

“What did you find?” says a small, and fragile voice that many believe to be the voice of Burke Ramsey. This claim goes against the parent’s testimony that their son had been upstairs in his bedroom and was not involved in the situation at all. Another thing that was questioned about the case and the involvement from Burke, was the ransom note. The ransom note was roughly 300 words and requested exactly 118 thousand dollars in cash with various instructions building up to a trade. One of the most gruesome threats made within the note was that the captures, who supposedly worked for a “small foreign faction” would behead JonBenet if anything were to go wrong.

After CBS’s investigation into the note, they discovered that 76% of the words had already been said more than once within the note, the person who wrote it referenced a lot of crime movies that somehow involved the family, had English as their first language, and that a mother would most likely say, “Listen carefully” which was said a multitude of times. By making this claim, it appears as though CBS is trying to open the doors for a conversation about who exactly wrote the note based off of the physical writing and the words that lie beneath.

After the discovery of his daughter, John fled the scene but was not questioned by police for his actions. The same style of routine followed for four months after the death of JonBenet before Patsy and John went to the police station to talk about the situation. This behavior was also supposedly requested by the family to their friends to not talk to the police or the media. During the documentary, CBS claimed that they had found an old family friend who went against the family’s request to stay quiet. Because of these actions, that friend was supposedly made the outcast of the friend group and came to share her story with CBS. This cannot be proven by this reporter but one would only assume that these actions “taken” by the family would cause some distrust between the family and the investigators of the case.

Another key part to this suit is one that seem to be the gruesome. After bringing on an additional investigator to the CBS crew, questions of the actual cause of death were raised. A flashlight, found at the scene of the crime, fit the skull fracture on JonBenet almost perfectly. A small rectangular shape was formed after testing was done to see if the shape would match up and how much force it would take to make the same injury that JohnBenet would have suffered. From here they brought in a young boy who was about the same age as Burke was at the time of his sister’s death. When the young boy struck the fake skull, it was apparently obvious to the CBS investigators that this damage could very well have been caused by a young child.

Burke Ramsey had seen enough when this documentary and decided that it was time to take action for himself and his family name. The suit being brought by Burke began December 28th, 2016 – roughly two months after the first airing of the four-hour documentary. More information in public records on the Circuit Court of Michigan, Wayne County’s website. If you would like to view the documentary yourself, you can find it here JonBenet Ramsey.


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