Class Notes 1/10/17

The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey

Seem like a happy family

Kidnapping – panic

Dec 26 96 5:22 am

JonBenet – killed by her mother?

Never found the killer

“Keep your babies close to you, there’s a killer out there”.


Laura Richards – investigator from film


The War room is where they focus on the case and do a “complete re-investigation” of this case


John, Patsy, JonBenet, Burke, Beth (died is a car accident), Patsy was mrs west virginia

Worked for John for a while (patsy did)

Patsy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died in 2006


Dr. Henry Lee – a part of the case also ones listed below?

Jim Fitzgerald – former police officer

Stan Burke

Dr. Werner Spitz


5:52am patsy calls police – says there is a kidnapping – “A note was left in our daughter’s door”


Left a ransom note


Didn’t hang up right away – left 6 seconds of audio


Because of the lack of ownership from the Patsy the analyzers find is weird that she’d do that.

They found something but couldn’t figure out what was said in the silence in the 90s so they redid it with today’s technology.  


“We’re not speaking to you” – apparently sounds like John Ramsey

“What did you find” ? Burke’s voice

Parents said that Burke was asleep and had nothing to do with it


Laura Richards – first time asked for someone’s opinion – who is she? 911 operator?

Thought it was weird in her tone how she went from absolute hysterical to just nothing. She thinks she heard something like… We’ve called the police, now what?

Feels like this was rehearsed

She had an investigator come to her house with a gag order and told to not talk about it again

She didn’t hang up because things were being said.

“I think it would have really turned the case around” – Laura Richards


Ransom Note:

380 some odd words

Requested 118k in cash w/ different instructions

Threatens to behead the daughter if anything goes wrong.


“Listen Carefully” – sounds fishy to them… especially because it’s a letter

Investigator recognizes some lines from movies like Dirty Harry


76% of this has been said more than once.

High vocabulary in this letter. The only mistake(s) were in the first paragraph.

“An element of disguise involved”

First language = english

Age = not easy to predict but probably an adult 30 or older

Gener = Tricky to predict – “Listen Carefully” Would a mother say this?


They found two practice notes and the pen underneath the phone

Investigators took 21 minutes to completely write the same letter. Raises questions


Ron Walker – only investigator to go to the scene that same day

Says that the length of the note is unusual

The ransom note was of “Red or Read Harry”?? Not sure if red or read


At noon John Ramsey seems antsy and frustrated

Has friend come over and “discover” the body wrapped up in the basement

John picks up his daughter and sets her on the floor upstairs

This would cause a “nightmare” for the forensic people because who knows how many people had walked right where she was and they picked her up as well and moved her again


Investigators recreate scene and walk through it. Go downstairs to the “train room” and find a suitcase underneath with a broken window


The influence that this couple had permitted people to just come and go within the house

Why does John Ramsey want to leave so quickly when he “realizes” his daughter has been killed


The witnesses did not get interviewed by the police right away like they normally would do

Why would they invite friends into the home when their daughter had gone missing?


A lot of people do not want to talk about the case. It was a “horrible thing”

Yard keeper – JonBenet liked playing close to him and playing in the leaf piles he would make and would play the violin


He says Patsy was very nice

Patsy thought OJ Sim got away with murder


The Ramseys had a lot of friends in Boulder, CO

Patsy was a showgirl

JonBenet and this other ladies kid played together


After JonBenet died she was never the same lady (Patsy) she was cut off from the friends

Friend within the friend group called and said don’t talk to reporters or police but she did and got kicked out of the friend groups.


Before that Patsy asked her to go to the Mayor and ask for protection of Patsy and the Mayor said that there isn’t a murderer out there.


Chances are that when a child is killed in a home it was a family member

The official death was considered a strangulation by a rope with some head trauma


A flashlight found in the home fits perfectly in the hold in her head

Says that the strangulation was not the cause of death it was the blow to the head

“She was strangled to make believe”


A lot of questions of what tools were actually used and what may have been staged

The tied up wrists with a slipknot was over her sleeves not her skin.


“We don’t have the complete picture”

Did the flashlight actually cause the death? What kind of force would this take?

There was a bruise on the brain (concussion) and this caused death

You do not need a lot of force to do this because of the weight of the flashlight

Could a child of done this?

For any injury there is velocity


The Ramseys give interviews to CNN before they give anything to the Boulder Police Department


They look at the language and language choice of that CNN interview

“It’s very likely that they know who did it”


Testimonial says that nobody in the town believed them

There was a release of videos of JonBenet in pageants dancing and walking seductively

When they finally talk to police for 8 hours there is a news conference. But things just seemed fishy other than their statements that they did not kill their daughter


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