Editing & Design Work Diary 9/13/17

Tonight, in class, we discussed all of the key components of our magazine project. There are a lot of little things that will add up but I believe if I stay on top of it, it shouldn’t be that big of a problem. I think I want to have my magazine be over the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center here on UNI’s campus. There are a ton of awesome young entrepreneurs that have their offices in that space and I really want to bring awareness to not only them but the amazing opportunity setting right on the edge of campus. After hearing more about the specifics of the project, we dove into two presentations that went over design styles and how to structure our magazines. An example of something we learned about, were picas and how they are measured in current and past times.

  1. Modern Broadsheets
    1. Width – 72 picas
    2. Height – 131 picas
    3. Columns – 4 -6
  2. Tabloid
    1. Width – 66 picas
    2. Height – 102 picas
  3. Old Broadsheets
    1. Width – 142 picas
    2. Height – 174 picas

A few tips that were discussed are:

  1. Vary column count to get different look
  2. If small text, tight lending
  3. Display text = bigger body text
  4. Hammer Head Title = 1-2 words, 2-3 columns

I have a ton of notes I took in my notebook and I am sure they will come in handy when I get more into the actual creation of the project! They will also come in handy when planning the lay out of my magazine and what types of pictures to take and where to place them!


Photojournalism Work Diary 9/12/17

Last night in class, we presented our decade’s projects to the class. I really enjoyed the presentations and loved learning about all the photojournalists throughout history. There were definitely a ton of pictures that I recognized from a previous viewing, but plenty of well-known pieces that I will now remember having seen. I believe the craziest picture that I saw from all of the presentations was the one that captured the man falling from the World Trade Centers on 9/11 in 2001. This image was strongly disturbing and carried so much weight to it. Not only is the picture one that captures the perfect decisive moment, but one that truly says what that day was about. A question of ethics and the release of that picture was brought up in class and I am honestly glad that photo was released.

To me, at least, this serves as a reminder to what happened that day and why it didn’t need to happen. It represents choice in a death or death situation. Absolutely horrible, and to censor this type of truth is just unfathomable to me. Afterwards, we went through and learned more about photography and the amount of work it takes to take the perfect shot. Through this, I learned more about the elements of a photo and how to use the camera more. We also went over our next assignment which I am excited about! We will be using a slower shutter speed and capturing this over an extended amount of time. Right now, I am wanting to use my good friend Nate again. He is really into biking and triathlons and I believe I can get some really cool shots of him biking, running, and swimming! This technique is definitely different but I believe we can get some really awesome content created!

Photojournalism Work Diary 8/29/17

The second week of Photojournalism just wrapped up and I am extremely excited to see where it goes! Last week I did not write an entry because we really didn’t cover too much and we didn’t mention how exactly you wanted it done! In Editing and Design you told us to wait till the next week so I just assumed Photojournalism was the same. Last week, though, we learned more about each other and more about the history of photojournalism and how it is presented in our everyday life. The crazy thing is, I really never thought it would be a big deal – but it really is! All of the still photos you see on TV, blogs, or scrolling through social media must be eye catching otherwise our attention is somewhere else. Interesting but very revealing about how we perceive and interpret images.


We started off by listening to a presentation about social media (specifically Instagram) and photojournalism as it relates to ethics in the field. I thought the girl (I don’t remember her name) did a wonderful job of explaining and getting the class involved in a great discussion. This definitely gave me some ideas for my own presentations (which will happen on the same day). As of right now, I am thinking I want to do something about black and white vs. color pictures and how they change the context of a picture. Obviously more research is needed before I completely dive in but this could be very interesting to learn about and share!


After that, we discovered a ton of information about our DSLR cameras we will be using this semester! I am very excited for this as I find photography to be so interesting. It will take some time but I think I can figure it out! After that, we split up into teams and began working on our presentation due in a few weeks about the ever changing field of photojournalism and the technology used each and every year! Next week are suppose to bring in a series of photos from inside using a subject being lit by natural lighting from a window of some sort. Immediately places where I could take these pictures and who I could take them with ran through my head. Will I use direct sunlight? Shadowed light? Use more than one subject? Regardless, I am very excited for this next step and I hope it helps me with my photography skills as much as I am assuming it will!

Advanced Reporting Notes 8/29/17

CF has different public safety department than most. Combined police and fire fighter’s departments
Section 8 housing and block grants they help with
“A code enforcement is enforcement to your house, garage, etc”
Some people have tall weeds and other things that affect everyday life/safety
Commercial building inspections – make sure they meet fire codes
Roughly 4,000 rental properties (units) in cedar falls alone – college town – must inspect
Utilize the humane society to house animals they retrieve – stray dog, dead animals
16,000 calls last year to the cf department
2,000 calls were a reportable crime – stolen car, illegal offense
non -reportable – fireworks, loud neighbor, parking violation
Police must go to the station and fill out a report and it gets sent to the state/FBI
2,481 calls went to the fire department
You may get a firefighter/police officer as a first responder because they are trained to.
1,999 fires and ambulance help called
60 reported fires
10 serious fires per year
43 to 40 full time police officers
33-30 full time firefighters
2 people in IT who help cops on the weekends
54 police officers
52 firefighters
Crime stats –
The overall crime rate is 39% lower than the national average
For every 100,000 people there are a 4.75% daily crime that occur in CF
Cedar falls is safer than 68% of the cities in the us
In cf you have a 1 in 58 chance of becoming a victim in any crime
The number of total year over year crimes in cf has decreased by 15%


Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)
-foam that is in a squad car’s trunk with other equipment so they can respond quicker to fires
Recruitment for police officers
60 credits to apply
90 credits to be a lieutenant
Bachelor’s degree to be a captain
Thinking about making a bachelors degree a req to apply
“Those with higher education tend to be the best employees”
Civil service process – when go to hire the state must approve the process
Can only hire from the certified list over the next year


Talking about cameras now – at first big push back for cameras in the cars but now they love them and the body cameras
They work better because they are constantly being watched at work and can settle claims much faster


About 90% of the officers in cedar falls pd have a bachelor’s degree

Editing & Design Work Diary 8/30/17

Today was the first official day of designing anything for this class and I honestly can say I’m hooked! We started off by firing up good ol’ Safari and heading to Newseum to find various PDF’s of today’s headlines from newspapers from across the world. I selected mine and downloaded it for our first project. Personally, I have never used InDesign before but do have some design experience with Canva. As discussed last week, I am starting my own business and figured a little more design skill would help me during the next steps towards a completely started business!

After we opened up InDesign, we began working on re-creating our selected front page of a newspaper. I decided to spend about half an hour messing around with the program to get more acquainted with its capabilities and to remind myself of what I learned last week. One of the first things that I did when I eventually started creating my rendition of the paper, was to try and find a font that matched the title of the magazine. I learned that trying to put multiple rows of text within a text box – I really couldn’t get the formatting down.

Another thing that I did was adding the proper lines and shapes that are seen in the paper. This was at first a challenge because I needed to figure out how to adjust the placement of the shapes and lines… What exactly will you see ahead of one thing and behind another? I figured it out and continued working on importing pictures. This wasn’t too hard to do and I was able to move them around without a problem. I did, however, remember to hold down the shift key in order to have the picture keep its same proportions.

It was crazy, though, towards the end of class because time had honestly flown by. It’s amazing how you can get so focused on something and the next time you look up it’s already “quitting time”. Next week my biggest goal is to complete my rendition of the newspaper and have it look as close to the original as possible. I believe writing things out and getting the correct spacing for the text will be a challenge but I know I can do it!